Halloween is looming so we figured it was time to prepare our Sims ‘hoods for the spooky season!

Our latest competition is a challenge for you to create a “House on Haunted Hill”. Why not have a go at building the spookiest, creepiest most haunted looking house you can?

Here are the rules and requirements:

You can choose any Lot size
The lot should not be furnished (the previous residents will almost certainly have either died or moved out a long time ago)!
You can decorate the outside of the Lot with the EA SimDay Downloads from last year and this year if there are any, which includes the inflatable lawn ornaments.
You may use Custom Content build mode items only (walls, floors, roofs and doors/windows), but proper credit must be given to original creators. You should also seek permission to use other peoples work for this competition.
In-game Cheats are allowed (moveobjects etc). Gravestones may be moved in using Nightlife.
Lots must be submitted as per normal rules and guidelines (Lots containing game hacks will be rejected)
No Featured Artists are allowed to enter (play along by all means, but no winning I’m afraid)

The competiton will run from Monday 15th October until Noon on Thursday 27th October (GMT).

You can enter as many times as you like (only 1 prize per person).

THE PRIZE: There will be 4 winners, selected by our Staff based on Creativity, Originality and Quality. Only submit items that you have created yourself. Do not submit other peoples work and claim it as your own! The winners will be announced and all entries published for download as soon as possible after the competition closes, but at the discretion of The Sims Resource. We have teamed up with Origin and Greenfly Coupons to offer you some really great prizes. The winner will be given a special sims 4 promo code that can be used in the origin store.

1st Prize ~ Free copy of the sims 4 + $20 origin credit
2nd Prize ~ $15 Origin Credit
3rd Prize ~ $10 origin credit.

Free credit will be honored immediately and the promo code will be sent to you via email. The game download will also be redeemable from Origin via your dashboard.

New Layout

Well, as you can see, we’re back and now have a new layout….Again!!! This new layout is created by Paul, the webmaster of SimTopia. Personally….I Love It!!!! It’s really easy to navigate, and gives our site kinda professional look. Thank you Paul!!! You are the BEST!!!

We will write the news here, and as we add news here, there will still be possible to read the older news, by scrolling down.

On the righ side, you will always see the newest update, and by clicking the images you will be taken directly to the page, where you can download.

I hope you will enjoy the new look, and….Please…If you find any broken links…Mail me, and let me know, so I can fix it.

In other News:

We have a competition planned for October and will have some great prizes for you guys thanks to the people at Greenfly Coupons so look forward to that!

BadAzz has made a wonderful Lingerie collection. I have to admit that some of those really took my breath away. Lizzi has the newest donation set. A really beautiful, and different kitchen. Me (Simbodiez) has finally finished the Modern Line Bathroom. I’m sorry that the tub (on the preview) is not included, but I GAVE UP!!!

We have been nominated for Best Roomsets at Wall To Wall Sims Forum!! Voting begins Thursday September 11th. So…If you like our stuff, then please vote for us by pushing the button on this page.

I know that alot of you are wondering: “When will there be another Caesar Hotel room”??? Well, We don’t have anything yet, but we will make a new room soon.

We have won Best New Furniture Bases at Wall To Wall Sims Forum for the month of August!! Gosh!!! Thank you all for voting for us!!! The award is added to our awards page.(…blush…)

We have changed the cloning policy a little, so…If you are one who is cloning/recoloring our stuff, you might want to check it out!!!!

Thant’s all for tonight!!!
BadAzz, Lizzi & Simbodiez.

Weekend Updates

So, It’s weekend again. And We are back with new stuff.

This time…..Lizzi have the donation gift. A beautiful nursery for our little prince or princess, or both. Buyable babies. We don’t know who has the original hack on these, but If anyone know, and tell us, we will of course give credit for the original .Me (Simbodiez) has finished the Ultra Mod Dining, with a huge fireplace, and two new sinks, a ceiling lamp, and a chair in the misc section.

So far, I have not got in touch with BadAzz, but if I hear from her, and she have something on this update, I will add it as soon as I get it. I know she is quite busy this month, so…I’m not sure she has anything this time.

Yesterday, I visited Jessica’s site. Sophisticated Sims. I love the new outdoor bath she have made. It’s really a set to die for!!!She is the only one having our permission to clone our donationfiles. I’d just like to tell you that she has made some really beautiful add-ons to some of the donationsets we have. So if you haven’t visited Jessica’s site before, than make sure to check her out. It’s a site you wouldn’t want to miss.

We hope you will like the new stuff, and that you have enjoyed your visit here at Simzalabim!!!!

So….till next time! Have fun!!!

Staff at


Vintage Collection and Updates

I’ve got intouch with BadAzz, so I have added her really beautiful Vintage Collection. Now… We have a new set for the Caesar Hotel. This time we have added the first, and cheapest bedroom. Lizzi have also, almost completet another room for the hotel, so, I guess that will be added on our next update. We have 101 new walls in the build section. And…..Lizzi have finished (In my opinion) the most beautiful bathroom Ever!!!!It’s called Roman Romantiqa, and will be a donation gift. I hope you enjoy this update.

Oh….I almost forgot…We’ve added a few previews for you too.

See you next time!!!

Simbodiez, Lizzi & BadAzz.
Staff at Simzalabim.

New update from Simzalabim……

News today,…..In our DONATION section, this time, you`ll be able to get your hands on a new bedroom : The Dragons Den Bedroom ! This set is truly a unique set ! A GLASS bedroom !! Don`t know if there are any out in the community,..but at least to us,…it`s THE FIRST !!!

In the FREE area,..a new bathroom!
Not too original,….but your sim will enjoy it ! (IT`s FREE !)

As we are getting (S L O W L Y !!!) closer to the D-DAY -TS2,..I (Lizzi) finds it more and more difficult to focus on making stuff for TS1 !!!Just want to sit , all day dreaming about ,…well,…you know …..! Don`t think I will totally leave TS1 when TS2 arrives,`s just sooooo hard to think of other things right now. We have been playing around with one idea here (Simbodiez and I),…..we`ll up a family , and make one each (Completely the same ! The same look, amount of kids, the same asp./fears etc.) …and play them for equally long period. Then we`ll check them out , see if they turned out the same of different , juts because to people “played ” them ! We hope this will be an interesting event !

Well,…hope we`ll get our hands on the game REALLY soon now ,…and until next time ,…

Lizzi & Simbodiez


Hello, and good evening!

First off…. For all of you who have donated to our site lately, and not recieved your donation gifts. I am so sorry. It has been a huge mess this week. Aol has bounched my mails back yo me every time I tried to send a mail. So, If there still is someone that have not recieved their donation gifts, please mail me. AND…If you have another e-mail address then AOL, then please tell me, so I can get in touch with you.

Now…The latest updates!!!

A new room for the Caesar Hotel. This time. Svein’s Office. Lizzi has finished another downtown/old hood set. This time a magnificent fish market.
And the donation center has changed a little bit. Easier to use I hope.
Hope you like the new stuff.

Staff at Simzalabim.

Donations Center Removed


We will start with the sad news this time.

Our donation center is gone!!

We are so sad to see that the trust we gave our donators was abused by someone. They donated 2 USD, and downloaded all the files, and also started to share them. Our intention was that as many as possible could get our donation files, even those who can’t afford spending too much money on a game. That’s why we did not want to set an amount. We trusted everybody to understand, and respect our policy regarding the donationsets. We know that most of you have respected the policy, and that the abuse only is a few ones without respect for others work.
It’s with a really crusched heart we announce that we are going back to the old way of getting your donation files. We are very sorry for this, and hope you understand!!!

Well, We do have some Great news, too!!! We have won an Award from Snooty Sims!!!! Every month the two Usenet newsgroups and get together and vote for their favorite sim sites. Three awards are given out monthly. Our site has won the award this month.Thanks for the big honor!!! We really appreciate it!! You can check it out in our award section. Thank you very much.
Simbodiez will start a 3d site, called 3d for you. This site offers models that also can be modified for the Sims. They are sold in sets of 5 UDS each set.

Lizzi has finished a gorgeous new kitchen called Basel Kitchen.
Simbodiez has made the donation set this time, and….It’s a bedroom. Called Victory bedroom. This bedroom is created to the male sims!! So grab it guys!!!

The Sims 2

Well, The Sims2 is soon to be released here in Norway, and like a lot of you out there, we are both very excited. Since Lizzi is so busy getting prepared for the new game, the update this time is all by me…..

You can find out more about the sims 2 release at the sims website.

We can hope that Lizzi has got something for next weekend, but I really doubt it. As for me…I am now taking a break. I hope to get my hands on TS2 next Friday, and then I will PLAY…PLAY…PLAY!!!

I usually get easily bored playing games pretty fast, so I guess 3 weeks, and I’m back creating stuff.
If Lizzi has something next weekend, we will update. If not…Well…A few weeks break.

This time:
I have finished a livingroom. Exclusive leather furniture’s. They look pretty good, but have some minor z-buffer problems if they are placed next to the wall. Sorry. I really tried my best.
Donation gift this time:
Yes….Another Bathroom. Gilette bathroom. A bathroom in steel and glass. The tub in this set, is (in my opinion) my best object ever!!!

Hope you like the new object.
Have fun!!

Staff at Simzalabim
W.b. Simbodiez.

Well, we have some news…

We have just learned that the community has lost a truly wonderful person….D’Andrea of D’Andreas Sims. She was a very sweet lady.
D’Andrea’s husband, family and friends, we are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
D’Andrea will certainly be missed!!!!

We also won the “Best Object of Feb” Award. It’s with mixed feelings we accept this award from D’Andrea’s. We are really honored to get this award, but at the same time so sorry about the loss of a wonderful fellow simmer. We only wish she had been here with us.

The award is made by Rebecca (Sim Moms), and Tracy (gingers36) Thank you very much. It’s really beautiful. You can see it in our award section.

This time Lizzi has made a really nice livingroom, Nanubie Livingroom.

And…from me..The new donation gift. This time…Simzalabim’s very first Lovebed. Included is also a built-in closet, and blinds made by Lizzi to match. The Lovebed has some pretty heavy animations, so we recommend this lovebed for only those over 18. That is also why we have decided it to be a donation gift.
Okay. I’m working on a bar, and a dining podium for the Caesar Hotel right now. I have major problems with getting them to work. If anyone could help me with this, I would be really grateful. Please contact Simbodiez, If you can help……

Staff at Simzalabim.


On Sunday the 21 of March, our host will be conducting a scheduled maintenance window from 12:01 AM to 8:00 AM CST on their system that will increase its responsiveness. During this period, you may experience performance degradation with our website.

Well. We have got some really disturbing news today. A Russian site has posted links to alot of donation sets. Including ours. Because of this we have made some changes in the donation area. All our zip files are now password protected. You can read more about it in our Donation Area. We hope you will understand the changes we have made.

This time’s update are:

From Simbodiez:
Siemens Kitchen Appliances part #1. More of these will be added in the future.

From Lizzi:
Broccono Hall. This is a wicker edition. Lizzi might add another edition of this set with different texture…Who knows???
That’s it for now…Se you again next weekend with more stuff!!!
And…Please don’t forget to vote for us at Sim Mom’s.

Staff at Simzalabim.