“Christina Aguilera”  Celebrity skin



  “Fembots”  Austin Powers

Celebrity skins



“Shania Twain”  Celebrity skins



Copyright © by BadAzz
All Rights Reserved

I would like to thank you for downloading my Skins/Objects. I enjoyed creating them.
Extract all the Skin files to your …/GameData/Skins or Object files to …/GameData/Objects


In giving credit to the many Meshers/Skinners/Object Makers.
Below are the Skinners, whose meshes I may or may not use in my creations.

Maxis (http://www.thesim.ea.com)
Jerome (http://jerome.simfreaks.com), Fionn (www.simfreaks.com)
Corry (http://www4.big.or.jp/~sss-net/corry/english/)
SimSkins (http://www.simskins.net/index.html), Kyoen (http://vardari.to/sims/index_2.html)
Frilly Sims (http://www.frillysims.com), WDS (welldressedsim.com)

And to the others I may have inadvertently overlooked!
I appreciate all the work that goes into Skinning/Meshing/Object Making.


Taking the above in account:

BadAzz Skins: Are from the imagination of moi!

BadAzz Meshes: With “BadAzz or BA” in the name are Maxis originals, modified by moi!

BadAzz Objects: Are Maxis originals, modified by moi!

Or possibly from Object Makers that have no objection to their items being modified.