Halloween is looming so we figured it was time to prepare our Sims ‘hoods for the spooky season!

Our latest competition is a challenge for you to create a “House on Haunted Hill”. Why not have a go at building the spookiest, creepiest most haunted looking house you can?

Here are the rules and requirements:

You can choose any Lot size
The lot should not be furnished (the previous residents will almost certainly have either died or moved out a long time ago)!
You can decorate the outside of the Lot with the EA SimDay Downloads from last year and this year if there are any, which includes the inflatable lawn ornaments.
You may use Custom Content build mode items only (walls, floors, roofs and doors/windows), but proper credit must be given to original creators. You should also seek permission to use other peoples work for this competition.
In-game Cheats are allowed (moveobjects etc). Gravestones may be moved in using Nightlife.
Lots must be submitted as per normal rules and guidelines (Lots containing game hacks will be rejected)
No Featured Artists are allowed to enter (play along by all means, but no winning I’m afraid)

The competiton will run from Monday 15th October until Noon on Thursday 27th October (GMT).

You can enter as many times as you like (only 1 prize per person).

THE PRIZE: There will be 4 winners, selected by our Staff based on Creativity, Originality and Quality. Only submit items that you have created yourself. Do not submit other peoples work and claim it as your own! The winners will be announced and all entries published for download as soon as possible after the competition closes, but at the discretion of The Sims Resource. We have teamed up with Origin and Greenfly Coupons to offer you some really great prizes. The winner will be given a special sims 4 promo code that can be used in the origin store.

1st Prize ~ Free copy of the sims 4 + $20 origin credit
2nd Prize ~ $15 Origin Credit
3rd Prize ~ $10 origin credit.

Free credit will be honored immediately and the promo code will be sent to you via email. The game download will also be redeemable from Origin via your dashboard.

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