Donations Center Removed


We will start with the sad news this time.

Our donation center is gone!!

We are so sad to see that the trust we gave our donators was abused by someone. They donated 2 USD, and downloaded all the files, and also started to share them. Our intention was that as many as possible could get our donation files, even those who can’t afford spending too much money on a game. That’s why we did not want to set an amount. We trusted everybody to understand, and respect our policy regarding the donationsets. We know that most of you have respected the policy, and that the abuse only is a few ones without respect for others work.
It’s with a really crusched heart we announce that we are going back to the old way of getting your donation files. We are very sorry for this, and hope you understand!!!

Well, We do have some Great news, too!!! We have won an Award from Snooty Sims!!!! Every month the two Usenet newsgroups and get together and vote for their favorite sim sites. Three awards are given out monthly. Our site has won the award this month.Thanks for the big honor!!! We really appreciate it!! You can check it out in our award section. Thank you very much.
Simbodiez will start a 3d site, called 3d for you. This site offers models that also can be modified for the Sims. They are sold in sets of 5 UDS each set.

Lizzi has finished a gorgeous new kitchen called Basel Kitchen.
Simbodiez has made the donation set this time, and….It’s a bedroom. Called Victory bedroom. This bedroom is created to the male sims!! So grab it guys!!!

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