Great weekend???

Yes it is…

Well, this time Lizzi is playing solo, and have done all the stuff.

Stockton Stables!

This one is a simply outstanding set, a big must for all horse lovers out there!
A huge set divided in two, So…one part is free in the outdoor section, and the other part is for donators only.
And A new amazing fence. Fancy Fence! You will find this in the outdoor section as well.

Hope you will like this new update, and check back at our next one.

Staff at
(w.b Simbodiez)


First off…

sunfungirl27892 – I(Simbodiez) have got several mails from you, but I can’t get any mails through to you, so I have left a message for you in our forum.

[email protected]….- I(Simbodiez) am not able to mail you. I get a message that your e-mail doesn’t exist. Can you contact me from another e-mail address???

We really want to apologize for the delay in sending out the donation gifts during the holiday. Simbodiez have changed from a changed from a phone internet connection, to a much faster cable connection. The company that was suppose to fix this, really gave her a BAD Christmas. She was without internet connection for quite some time. But!!! Everything is fixed now.

So…The new stuff!!!

# Laguna Post office. A high detailed set. Now your Sims can have their own mail office downtown. It’s enabled for DT & SV.
# This time we have a Misc Collection as donation gift for all the donators.
You can check out the requirements before you donate.

Next time Lizzi has got a real “Goodie” for you, so make sure to check back then.

Staff at

Merry Christmas!!!

This is the last update at Simzalabim this year!!

But…We will be back next year with more stuff for you all!We want to thank you ALL for visiting our site, your signings in our guestbook, your patience, and…For being such a wonderful fellow simmer!!! We love you, and would not have this site up and running if you haven’t contributed. A HUGE thank you to everyone who have donated to our site, so that we still are able to call Simzalabim a FREE site!!! As we still hope to be during the next year!!!

Over to the last updates of the year:

Lizzi has got the x-mas spirit, and bring you a HUGE x-mas set. Two parts. Part 1 is X-mas decorations, and part 2 is a x-mas ballroom.
These sets are really breathtaking, so make sure to get them. They will give you the x-mas spirit, guaranteed. You will find them under Objects>X-mas.

Me ( Simbodiez ) Have finished a few x-mas items too. you will find them in the x-mas section. And…of course…A special treat for the new donations. An apple shaped bed. The last donation gift is called Final Fantasy.

Well, now…all there is left to say is:

Merry Christmas to you, and your loved ones.
See ya next year!!!

Staff at Simzalabim.

Nearly Christmas

Christmas is getting closer and closer every day. And…We at Simzalabim will take a break. Next update will be the last one before x-mas.
We might continue to make stuff, but there will not be any updates during the break.
We will be back again after the holiday. And then BadAzz will also be adding beautiful skins.

News this time!!!!

Lizzi is adding the second part of Donna & Nancy’s Boutique. It’s simply beautiful.
Me (Simbodiez) have added a Misc Collection in the donation area.
Snowy windows, a new TV…etc…

Well, that’s it this time.
We hope you will visit our site at our final update this year!!!


Merry (ALMOST ) X-mas !!!

NO ! Not quite yet,…but we are getting there ,in just a few weeks !

At ours, we are now working on several x-mas items, be sure,…your sims will be filling their houses with lots of new decorations this year !
As for this update,..

Simbodiez has created a NEW and wonderful bedroom. I think she had the Sims teenagers in mind , here ! It`s called TIC TAC BEDROOM(PAY), and you will understand why when you look at it ! The bed is just gorgeous(wish I could sleep in it !!!), and the dresser is even better . (You have to look at it ,”in action”!!!!

Unfortunately BadAzz has got major problems with her computer, so you will not find anything from her today ! I am SOOOOOOO knowing what she`s feeling , right now !!! I had a “little” incident some days ago,… (..think some small fingers had something to do with it !!!?!?!?!?)..but fortunately I have a hubby that takes care of all my little crashes !!! I just ended up loosing a folder with some 3D models! Of course I had to re-install all the programs !!!!!, but I needed a “clean-up” anyway , so….. and because of this,..I can only give you half of the DONNA & NANCY`s Boutique(FREE),..but the rest is just around the corner !! DONNA , is a truly generous supporter of our site and NANCY is one of our oldest(..don’t misunderstand here !!LOL!)…friends from this community, and I just wanted to tell them both that we appreciate their support very much !!!

Well,..this is it for today,..but don`t be a stranger ! We`ll be back ,…before you know it !!!


Keep your Sims Warm

Well, first off. We are sorry for the delay of getting donation gifts to all you aol users. With the new way to donate, we hope to avoid these problems in the future. Make sure to read the instructions on our donation page, before you donate.

New this time:

A lot of stuff in the misc section. A fireplace, a plant collection, and a add-on to fireplaces. A Metal bucket of wood.
This weeks donation gift will add a masculine touch downtown. Joey’s Auto. With a Car wash and a pit. Both cloned on a 4-rotations rug. Orginal made by B.B.B at StoneAge Sims. Thank you for giving me permission to use them.

Next time…eh…well, we’ll see, then!!!lol…

See you next weekend!!!
Staff at Simzalabim.

Pierre’s market

Well, here we are. This time with: Pierre’s market. The largest set ever on our site More that 40 pieces. And….All made by Lizzi. It’s downtown, and Old hood enabled, so….Here you will have lot’s of possibilities.

BadAzz has managed to finish a brand new collection “COOL”. You are awsome girl. Managing to create stuff with all that’s happening in RL.
And….Emperor Bedroom. Finally a bedroom in the donation gift area. The bed is made by me, and the rest of the bedroom furnising is made by Lizzi.

(oh…I’ve been lazy lately…lol…)

Ok, and…. hopefully there will be a new Caesar Hotel room next time.

See you next weekend!!!
Staff at Simzalabim.

BadAzz Updates

We have added a new link in our link section. A very exciting site called Lisa Sims. If you haven’t already visited this site, you have really missed out on beautiful stuff. So….Make sure to visit Lisa’s site. My (Simbodiez) first thought of this site was….WOW!!!
Over to the updates…..

Lizzi has finished a HUGE set for the Caesar Hotel. The Laundry/Linen room. It’s too big for the hotel, so, you get to choose your favourite items.;-)
BadAzz has finished the Beautiful Casual Corner. The are sooo my taste. I love them all. This time Simbodiez has made the donation gift. Star’s Hair Studio. A lot of new items.

We hope you’ll like the new items.

Staff at

Caesar Hotel Update

Oh, yeah!! Here we go again!!

First off….The Caesar Hotel!!! Next update we will add a new room for the Caesar Hotel! We have received a lot of mail, asking: ” When will there be a new room in the hotel???” Well, now you know. What kind of room??? Well, that is my little secret till our next

This time!! Check it out!!! A cute nursery, cool party girls, and a brand new laundry room is added to the donation gifts. We all want to thank you for helping our site stay free. We really appreciate it. Without you, there would not be a Simzalabim. So….Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Simbodiez, Lizzi & BadAzz.
Staff at Simzalabim.