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Well, as you can see, we’re back and now have a new layout….Again!!! This new layout is created by Paul, the webmaster of SimTopia. Personally….I Love It!!!! It’s really easy to navigate, and gives our site kinda professional look. Thank you Paul!!! You are the BEST!!!

We will write the news here, and as we add news here, there will still be possible to read the older news, by scrolling down.

On the righ side, you will always see the newest update, and by clicking the images you will be taken directly to the page, where you can download.

I hope you will enjoy the new look, and….Please…If you find any broken links…Mail me, and let me know, so I can fix it.

In other News:

We have a competition planned for October and will have some great prizes for you guys thanks to the people at Greenfly Coupons so look forward to that!

BadAzz has made a wonderful Lingerie collection. I have to admit that some of those really took my breath away. Lizzi has the newest donation set. A really beautiful, and different kitchen. Me (Simbodiez) has finally finished the Modern Line Bathroom. I’m sorry that the tub (on the preview) is not included, but I GAVE UP!!!

We have been nominated for Best Roomsets at Wall To Wall Sims Forum!! Voting begins Thursday September 11th. So…If you like our stuff, then please vote for us by pushing the button on this page.

I know that alot of you are wondering: “When will there be another Caesar Hotel room”??? Well, We don’t have anything yet, but we will make a new room soon.

We have won Best New Furniture Bases at Wall To Wall Sims Forum for the month of August!! Gosh!!! Thank you all for voting for us!!! The award is added to our awards page.(…blush…)

We have changed the cloning policy a little, so…If you are one who is cloning/recoloring our stuff, you might want to check it out!!!!

Thant’s all for tonight!!!
BadAzz, Lizzi & Simbodiez.

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