New update from Simzalabim……

News today,…..In our DONATION section, this time, you`ll be able to get your hands on a new bedroom : The Dragons Den Bedroom ! This set is truly a unique set ! A GLASS bedroom !! Don`t know if there are any out in the community,..but at least to us,…it`s THE FIRST !!!

In the FREE area,..a new bathroom!
Not too original,….but your sim will enjoy it ! (IT`s FREE !)

As we are getting (S L O W L Y !!!) closer to the D-DAY -TS2,..I (Lizzi) finds it more and more difficult to focus on making stuff for TS1 !!!Just want to sit , all day dreaming about ,…well,…you know …..! Don`t think I will totally leave TS1 when TS2 arrives,`s just sooooo hard to think of other things right now. We have been playing around with one idea here (Simbodiez and I),…..we`ll up a family , and make one each (Completely the same ! The same look, amount of kids, the same asp./fears etc.) …and play them for equally long period. Then we`ll check them out , see if they turned out the same of different , juts because to people “played ” them ! We hope this will be an interesting event !

Well,…hope we`ll get our hands on the game REALLY soon now ,…and until next time ,…

Lizzi & Simbodiez

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