The Sims 2

Well, The Sims2 is soon to be released here in Norway, and like a lot of you out there, we are both very excited. Since Lizzi is so busy getting prepared for the new game, the update this time is all by me…..

You can find out more about the sims 2 release at the sims website.

We can hope that Lizzi has got something for next weekend, but I really doubt it. As for me…I am now taking a break. I hope to get my hands on TS2 next Friday, and then I will PLAY…PLAY…PLAY!!!

I usually get easily bored playing games pretty fast, so I guess 3 weeks, and I’m back creating stuff.
If Lizzi has something next weekend, we will update. If not…Well…A few weeks break.

This time:
I have finished a livingroom. Exclusive leather furniture’s. They look pretty good, but have some minor z-buffer problems if they are placed next to the wall. Sorry. I really tried my best.
Donation gift this time:
Yes….Another Bathroom. Gilette bathroom. A bathroom in steel and glass. The tub in this set, is (in my opinion) my best object ever!!!

Hope you like the new object.
Have fun!!

Staff at Simzalabim
W.b. Simbodiez.

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