Weekend Updates

So, It’s weekend again. And We are back with new stuff.

This time…..Lizzi have the donation gift. A beautiful nursery for our little prince or princess, or both. Buyable babies. We don’t know who has the original hack on these, but If anyone know, and tell us, we will of course give credit for the original .Me (Simbodiez) has finished the Ultra Mod Dining, with a huge fireplace, and two new sinks, a ceiling lamp, and a chair in the misc section.

So far, I have not got in touch with BadAzz, but if I hear from her, and she have something on this update, I will add it as soon as I get it. I know she is quite busy this month, so…I’m not sure she has anything this time.

Yesterday, I visited Jessica’s site. Sophisticated Sims. I love the new outdoor bath she have made. It’s really a set to die for!!!She is the only one having our permission to clone our donationfiles. I’d just like to tell you that she has made some really beautiful add-ons to some of the donationsets we have. So if you haven’t visited Jessica’s site before, than make sure to check her out. It’s a site you wouldn’t want to miss.

We hope you will like the new stuff, and that you have enjoyed your visit here at Simzalabim!!!!

So….till next time! Have fun!!!

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