Well, we have some news…

We have just learned that the community has lost a truly wonderful person….D’Andrea of D’Andreas Sims. She was a very sweet lady.
D’Andrea’s husband, family and friends, we are so sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
D’Andrea will certainly be missed!!!!

We also won the “Best Object of Feb” Award. It’s with mixed feelings we accept this award from D’Andrea’s. We are really honored to get this award, but at the same time so sorry about the loss of a wonderful fellow simmer. We only wish she had been here with us.

The award is made by Rebecca (Sim Moms), and Tracy (gingers36) Thank you very much. It’s really beautiful. You can see it in our award section.

This time Lizzi has made a really nice livingroom, Nanubie Livingroom.

And…from me..The new donation gift. This time…Simzalabim’s very first Lovebed. Included is also a built-in closet, and blinds made by Lizzi to match. The Lovebed has some pretty heavy animations, so we recommend this lovebed for only those over 18. That is also why we have decided it to be a donation gift.
Okay. I’m working on a bar, and a dining podium for the Caesar Hotel right now. I have major problems with getting them to work. If anyone could help me with this, I would be really grateful. Please contact Simbodiez, If you can help……

Staff at Simzalabim.

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